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We are a Romanian company founded in 2004 and we like to believe that we have dedicated ourselves to the things that matter: health, care and that daily comfort that helps us all feel good about ourselves. We import and sell quality dermatocosmetics, chosen with great care. How do we manage to make an excellent selection? We draw on the experience in the pharmaceutical field of the two co-founders of the company, a consistent experience of over 25 years.



Most of our products are imported from Vectem S.A. Spain, a company that has existed since 1965 and produces dermatocosmetics in its laboratories. In which chapters does Vectem S.A. excel? We rate it ten for its effective pharmaceutical formulas, for its rigor, for its significant investment in research and development, and also for its professionalism and long experience.

Probably the best answer to the question Who are we? is: we are, first of all, the products we have in our portfolio. Therefore, we are a well-represented range of dermatocosmetics and oral hygiene products. Each of them addresses a specific need in a language that it can understand, through the right ingredients and with carefully dosed concentrations.

Importer and distributor in Romania:

Why befriend us and our products?

Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Quality. We have high quality standards and we respect them down to the smallest detail.
  • Efficiency. Our definition of a good product is simple: a good product is an effective product. We say it every time we have the opportunity and put it into practice.
  • Accessibility. Precisely because we want to make friends with as many of you as possible, our products are affordable.
  • Sincerity. Youth without old age ... it's just a beautiful title in literature, without any correspondent in reality. So we choose to always provide honest and truthful information about our products.
  • We try everything on our own skin and choose to sell only the products we like. We believe in our products ourselves and gladly recommend them to others.


How can we meet?

From us, the products reach the pharmacy chains, the independent pharmacies or the specialized online stores. These are the places where we meet you. Let's get to know each other! We could become a perfect partner for your daily care ritual.