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Tractopon urea – 15%

Urea 15%

75 ml tube

Tractopon is a cream with urea for dry or thickened skin, atopic dermatitis, scales, cracks.

Improves skin status, being indicated for daily care of skin prone to dryness and hyperkeratosis, respectively of the skin of overworked hands or areas with thickened skin: legs, elbows, knees.

Helps care and moisturize nails.

Increases the absorption of drug creams.

The formula with 15% urea is also recommended in the skin care of people with diabetes, prone to dryness and flaking. Due to its protective effect, it removes the risk of trauma or infection.

Tractopon cream combines a low-fat emollient base with ingredients that have beneficial properties for dry, rough and / or thickened skin (developing hyperkeratosis):

    Urea, in addition to the moisturizing effect of the stratum corneum (due to which it remarkably improves the appearance of dry, scaly and cracked skin), removes exfoliated skin and slows the excessive or chaotic growth of the stratum corneum which, due to certain diseases, peels off. accelerates or produces thickened and rough areas that turn into calluses.

    Vitamin F is a mixture of polyunsaturated fatty acids, of which linoleic and linolenic acids are essential for the skin. Applied topically, through their emollient, protective and nourishing properties, they produce a remarkable improvement of dry, scaly and devitalized skin, as they play an important role in regenerating the elements responsible for maintaining skin hydration and the flexibility and cohesion of the stratum corneum.

    Lanolin is made up of a mixture of fatty compounds very similar to the skin's natural lipids. Helps maintain an optimal level of lipids in the epidermis, nourishing it intensely and preventing dehydration and flaking.


Tractopon 15% and 30% urea: Apply once or twice a day. Wash and dry the skin and thereafter apply the cream rubbing it gently in with a massage, and specially insisting on the driest and roughest zones and on heel chaps. Its regular use obtains very good results. It leaves no oily after feel.

Tractopon® 15% urea: After a professional treatment by a podologist, removing or reducing callosities, corns and chaps, the regular use of Tractopon® lengthens the skin’s good condition and slows its thickening down. As a general care of feet, for not too dry or chapped skins, it is enough to apply the cream 2 to 4 times a week to keep the skin moisturized, smooth and with good appearance.

General (hands, knees, elbows, shins)

Tractopon 15% and 30% urea: Apply once or twice daily or every other day according to the dryness and roughness of the skin. Massage the cream until absorbed. It leaves no oily after feel.

Tractopon® 15%: Use regularly to protect and recover the skin of the hands from the strain and chaps caused by cold and damp.

Presentation: 75 ml tube

Avoid applying the cream on zones with cuts or on blood producing chaps, as urea causes itching on open skin.

Aqua. Urea. Glycerin. Glyceryl Stearate. Myristyl Myristate. Dimethicone. Palmitic Acid. Stearic Acid. Magnesium Aluminum Silicate. Ceteareth-20. Ethyl Linoleate. Lanolin. Ethyl Oleate. Sodium Acrylates Copolymer. Parfum. Phenoxyethanol. Lecithin. Ethylhexylglycerin. Disodium EDTA. Linalool. Geraniol. Limonene. Propyl Gallate. Tocopherol.