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Prots-UD 40

Silicone barrier cream

40ml tube

Prots-ud 40 is a silicone barrier cream, water resistant, non-stick and which protects against powdery substances. At the same time, it is emollient and moisturizing.

Prots-ud 40 is a cream that works as a protective glove in the workplace, where aggressive substances are handled without the need for gloves. Protects against substances that impregnate the skin, prolonged contact with water or acid and weak alkaline or saline solutions.

In the case of workplaces where gloves are not allowed (to maintain agility in movement and maintain tactile sense), the cream is an effective defense barrier against external aggression.

Prots-ud 40 is recommended to protect the skin from: repeated contact with water, adhesives and glues, solutions with sensitizing ingredients, inks and dyes, weak acid or basic solutions, salt, latex or rubber, dilution of bleach and ammonia, detergents, disinfectants , powders and irritants, solutions for hair treatments, dirt and dust, water-soluble dyes, fiberglass, alcohol products, cement, plaster, color pigments.

The product is suitable for workers in fields that by their nature have a considerable incidence of contact dermatitis: metallurgy, construction, footwear, textiles, mining, chemistry, photography, cleaning, medicine, hairdressing, handling of goods in warehouses, transport, handmade and crafts.

Before starting work, apply Prots-ud 40 cream on clean and dry skin. It is recommended to rub your hands with the same movements as when washing with soap. Insist and use a larger amount around the nails and creases of the skin. If necessary, apply a second coat.

The cream can also be used to protect the skin from other exposed areas of the body, such as the face, neck, arms.

A single application of one or two coats is often enough for half a working day. Repeat the application after washing your hands with soap.

If Prots-ud 40 cream is used to protect from repeated contact with soap solutions, apply two coats of cream and repeat the applications frequently.

After finishing the work, wash with soap and water and use a layer of Prots-ud 40 or Prots-ud 35 cream (product suitable for recovery during rest periods).

Presentation: 40 ml tube

Aqua. Dimethicone. Cetearyl Alcohol. Paraffinum Liquidum. Glycerin. Isopropyl Myristate. Ceteareth-30. Benzyl Alcohol. Parfum. Salicylic Acid. Disodium EDTA. Sodium Hydroxide. Sorbic Acid. Limonene.