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How can I treat dyshidrosis?

How can I treat dyshidrosis?

Dyshidrosis is also called dyshidrosis eczema and is characterized by intensely itchy blisters (small blisters that give us itching), which appear on the palms, fingers and toes, soles.

The causes can be: hyperhidrosis of the palms or soles, psycho-emotional stress, environmental factors (hot or too cold temperatures or excessive humidity can exacerbate dyshidrosis eczema).

The signs and symptoms of the disease are represented by the symmetrical development of intensely itchy blisters or blisters (blisters) with the above mentioned locations and which heal without breaking, accompanied by scaling.

The diagnosis is most often made clinically by the dermatologist, and sometimes bacterial cultures may be necessary to remove a possible secondary infection, patch testing, to rule out allergic contact dermatitis, punch biopsy to rule out pemphigoid bulos.