More than 80 methodologies with Mind Power Coaching ™ Kinetics developed to help people improve their spectacular performance in personal and professional life .

Top 10 Benefits of customers using Executive Leadership tools

Save an enormous amount of time - tools reduce the time allocated research certain topics, such as: recruiting and motivating employees

Implementation of communication proactive in organization

Instant leadership! Implementing instant, innovative thinking and instant results can be instant.

Executive leadership tools for leaders keep things simple - simple is better

Leaders achieve balance between being a leader Transactional and Transformational leadership

Leaders understand why people act the way they do, according to Universal Laws of Leadership

Increasing ability to influence others and self-confidence

Leaders internalizes the two main responsibilities : to create as many leaders and develop strategies for a more successful future

Leaders have the ability to correct bad behavior without affecting employee's spirit

Leaders learn to use tools self- coaching to living a life healthy, balanced , harmonious

Leadership Tools for Managers
Tools that are not taught in MBA schools

Go Team
Relationship with others
The coaching model "Be a STAR "
To have a healthy and balanced lifestyle
Open heart conversations
Games with human values ​​for visionary leadership
The Brain Walk®- A journey for peace of mind
The strategic thinking
Relationship with ourselves
Cross methods

Certified Executive Power Coach CLI®

Speaking & Presenting with Impact Intensive Training

Monica began his career as a secretary for 6 years in a Swiss representative of a pharmaceutical company , then continuing and gaining experience over 16 years as an entrepreneur in a company having as main activity the import and marketing of cosmetic dermatology . A first successfully overcome bankruptcy and associated companies as an entrepreneur , learning from their mistakes and experiences far more than the courses and trainings that followed them . Passionate about personal development about two and a half years , was first client coaching , but amazing results and changes in his life in less than three months , led it to become in turn, First Life coach and then the school's Executive Business coach Coaching & Leadership International Canada.

It is excited to support them those who wish to maximize their professional potential , but also in family life and presentations at various workshops dedicated women and mothers.

Show care and compassion for creatures being vegan beings , passionate about feng shui , martial arts , alternative therapies immune travelers .

Time spent in nature and daily movement helped her to regain its inner balance and increase their self-confidence, will and perseverance to achieve goals in life, to live a more healthy and happy .


Certified Executive Power Coach CLI®

Speaking & Presenting with Impact Intensive Training

University of București – Faculty of Physics

Holds coaching in English, Romanian

Phone 0040 744 496 863

Lisa Chell
Senior Certified Power Coach, CGPC,
ACC, APC, speaker, trainer


Monica is a highly intuitive and caring coach who gently and firmly guides clients through a powerful process to access their inner wisdom and solutions. Using the Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics® approach, she has tools and processes which open the client’s minds and hearts to greater awareness of self and purpose and then propels them into positive actions. I highly recommend Monica to anyone who's looking for personal and/or professional growth both emotionally and intellectually.


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